Coffee Potluck

Has Bean Coffeeography Tasting


You may know Hasbean from their noteworthy red bags, 

Or their coffees presented on the World Barista Champion circuits circa (2009, 2011, 2012, 2017),

Or Steve Leighton’s amazing and unpredictable red suits that rival Don Cherry’s Hockey night in Canada outfits.



If you're wondering who this shining ginger face is at every WBC final since 2009, see his lively 'mug' in the ‘In My Mug’ videos vlogs that supplement each of his coffee subscriptions or the mischievous fun podcast  ‘Tamper Tantrum’ chats with Jenn & Colin.   Hasbean’s Steve Leighton has created an online following well-known around the world.  We think it’s time get to know him better in Canada.  He’s recently told us the story behind his coffees in the book Coffeeography

In March, join us for a rare opportunity to experience a reading & tasting through the book of Hasbean coffee farms.  Coffee Potluck hand-selected a selection of coffees.  This event will be shared in two cities, Vancouver (on March 25, 2018) at Revolver Coffee and Calgary (on March 31, 2018) at Eight Ounce Coffee. 

During the tasting, guests will compare and contrast a pair of coffees at a time, take home two samples of the coffee, and have a chance to take home Steve’s book and pick up some 250 g-bags of coffee for home brewing! 

There will be a very special surprise on the day, so don't miss out.  Share with a friends and get two tickets! 


Bolivia Don Carlos ‐ Washed, Caturra
Costa Rica Vista Al Valle, Finca La Casa ‐ Yellow Honey, Caturra & Villa Sarchi Colombia Finca La Chorrera ‐ Washed, Caturra
Ethiopia Mokanisa Bulega ‐ Washed, Wild
El Salvador Finca La Fany ‐ Washed, Bourbon
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Elegant Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Funky Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Pulped Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Washed, Ethiosar
Honduras Finca Cerro Azul ‐ Washed, Red Catuai
Guatemala El Limon ‐ Washed, Pacamara
Guatemala Finca La Soledad ‐ Cold Fermenta on Washed, Catuai




brew beat xmas 2017-IG.jpg

Join our hauntingly festive cocktail experience

From the group that brought you adult themed charity latte art competitions, Vancouver’s first Coffee Mini-Fest, and monthly specialty coffee tastings, Coffee Potluck presents their second annual coffee inspired cocktail pop-up.

Nemesis Coffee

302 West Hastings Street, Vancouver

December 8th and 9th with doors opening at 7:30PM until late

No tickets required


Coffee Potluck X Toronto Coffee Community  



Slurp, Slurp, Taste!

If you know our country, you know it’s pretty big!

To cozy-up with our friends out East, we’re swapping coffees with new friends in Toronto, @TorontoCoffeeCommunity.  

It's our first collaboration and their inaugural event, and we're calling it Cross Country Coffee Swap (#CCCswap)!

How it works:

We sent each other coffees from 4 local roasters in our respective cities to taste side by side--so there will be 8 coffees on the table! There was also an idea to bring along someone to talk about brewers & tasters cups competition in order to build a little excitement for the Calgary event.

This is our chance to taste the same coffees in real life, and share a cohesive conversation online! -- This is just the beginning!

This month, we are taking a departure from the usual format of bringing your coffee, but don't worry it will be back next month. 


In Vancouver, taste 2-ways; throw your hat in!

  1. get at a glimpse of the ‘Cup Tasters Competition’ format for $5 (LIMIT OF 15, register here)  OR
  2. come and slurp with our usual monthly Sunday Coffee Potluck crew (foodbank donations welcome, as usual RSVP here)

What you will need: 

Cup Tasters must bring their own spoon.  #BYOS

Bring a food bank donation or a tip of thanks 

Bring a FRIEND! 

 -See, Easy peas!



The big reveal

We'd like to thank these folks for making this event possible.  In Vancouver we are so incredibly hyped about our friendly hosts at Nemesis Coffee.  They do a phenomenal brunch to go with the rotating exotic coffee roaster selection.    

Nemesis Coffee

Moving Coffee @movingcoffee

32 LAKES Coffee Roasters @32lakes, 32 Lakes,

Groundswell Roasters @Groundswellroasters, Groundswell,

@regardcofee Regard Coffee (Nanaimo)





REIMAGINE competitions 



Friday APRIL 7th at the PHS Interurban Art Gallery (1 East Hastings)

Our next event will feature Ben Put, three time Canadian Barista Champion and 2-time World Barista Competition finalist who will address some of the wins and pitfalls of coffee competitions, what it does for your business, career, and the coffee industry as a whole. 

This will be followed by an announcement by Mike Strumpf about the latest news on Canada’s Coffee competitions circuit from the source, a newly formed Canadian Coffee Guild!  There will be a time of Q&A at the end and finally, a screening of the movie Barista!

We are beyond delighted to be sharing this exciting event with you with tickets available for purchase on Eventbrite $12 presale / $15 tickets at the door (tickets include one bespoke cocktail)

Here’s an emotion-filled short documentary of Ben’s journey to WBC 2016 in Dublin. Let’s get pumped!

©JonLin Photography

©JonLin Photography

Ben Put

Ben is a barista originally from Edmonton and now resides in Calgary. He started making coffee in high school, continued in the industry while he studied music at university, and made the decision to make it his vocation during his time as a trainer, manager, and roaster at Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. 

Ben has competed in barista competitions the past 7 years. The last 3 years he represented Canada at the World Barista Championship and placed 3rd in 2015 and 2016. 

Two years ago, Ben founded Monogram Coffee with partners Justin Eyford and Jeremy Ho. He is the proud husband of Tara and the proud father of Malcolm.


©RE:co Symposium website

©RE:co Symposium website

Mike Strumpf

Mike Strumpf is a Licensed Q Grader, SCA Specialized Instructor, SCA Competitions Committee Member, Coffee Tasters Pathway Committee Member, WCE Representative, and Head Judge for the World Barista Championship. He has spoken at Sensory Summit and Tamper Tantrum and taught SCA classes on numerous occasions. A right handed native of California, Mike immerses himself in Canadian pop music and squash when not chasing after his three dogs.


Our Partners

PHS InterUrban Art Gallery

Overwhelmed by the suffering in the community, and trying to consciously create a vehicle to address it, the Portland Hotel Society (PHS Community Services Society) was founded by Liz Evans in the midst Since its inception the PHS has made an effort and tried to be a community leader in pioneering and delivering service innovations that are effective, real and challenge existing narratives that keep people excluded from decent housing, quality health care and other services while being left to suffer on the street.of a tidal wave of drug overdose deaths and the highest rate of conversion to HIV among drug users in the Western world.

Since its inception the PHS has made an effort and tried to be a community leader in pioneering and delivering service innovations that are effective, real and challenge existing narratives that keep people excluded from decent housing, quality health care and other services while being left to suffer on the street.


coffee potluck OT

Coffee Potluck collabs poster.jpg

At this point you're wondering, what are potlucks and 'OT', and why are you taking coffee around.  In short, it's a way to share our style of casual coffee tasting and enhancing community experience.  We started Coffee Potluck one year ago in March and it seemed like a perfect way to share our experience with industry and coffee consumers abroad.  We are delighted to have these collaborators host and support the event and we hope that it will make the world just a little smaller by connecting us through shared experience. 

Frenesi 1.JPG

Barcelona, Mar 26

Frenesi Cafe are friends of our buddy, Brodie Vissers (@thenomadbarista).  You may have seen his journey from Girona on a bike, making coffee, in every given environment possible.  He's jumped head first, deep into the coffee world and continues to create captivating images as he discovers.  

sakona coffee.jpg

San Sebastian, Mar 30

In San Sebastian, we are delighted to be having our second potluck at Sakona Coffee!  Juan, a previous member of the 3fe team has been an instrumental champion developing coffee in San Sebastian, but also as quality and wholesale manager in Dublin.  The food mecca that is San Sebastian will be an exciting place to venture into coffee scene. 


Dublin, Apr 1

3fe coffee in Dublin has been a game-changer for the coffee culture in the city, but has also shaped my understanding and enjoyment of coffee and the tasting element that challenges our assumptions of coffee.  They are supportive of sustainable initiatives and continue to push the evolving 'coffee' envelope.  

More to come!