Has Bean Coffeeography Tasting


You may know Hasbean from their noteworthy red bags, 

Or their coffees presented on the World Barista Champion circuits circa (2009, 2011, 2012, 2017),

Or Steve Leighton’s amazing and unpredictable red suits that rival Don Cherry’s Hockey night in Canada outfits.



If you're wondering who this shining ginger face is at every WBC final since 2009, see his lively 'mug' in the ‘In My Mug’ videos vlogs that supplement each of his coffee subscriptions or the mischievous fun podcast  ‘Tamper Tantrum’ chats with Jenn & Colin.   Hasbean’s Steve Leighton has created an online following well-known around the world.  We think it’s time get to know him better in Canada.  He’s recently told us the story behind his coffees in the book Coffeeography

In March, join us for a rare opportunity to experience a reading & tasting through the book of Hasbean coffee farms.  Coffee Potluck hand-selected a selection of coffees.  This event will be shared in two cities, Vancouver (on March 25, 2018) at Revolver Coffee and Calgary (on March 31, 2018) at Eight Ounce Coffee. 

During the tasting, guests will compare and contrast a pair of coffees at a time, take home two samples of the coffee, and have a chance to take home Steve’s book and pick up some 250 g-bags of coffee for home brewing! 

There will be a very special surprise on the day, so don't miss out.  Share with a friends and get two tickets! 


Bolivia Don Carlos ‐ Washed, Caturra
Costa Rica Vista Al Valle, Finca La Casa ‐ Yellow Honey, Caturra & Villa Sarchi Colombia Finca La Chorrera ‐ Washed, Caturra
Ethiopia Mokanisa Bulega ‐ Washed, Wild
El Salvador Finca La Fany ‐ Washed, Bourbon
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Elegant Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Funky Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Pulped Natural, Red Pacamara
Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo ‐ Washed, Ethiosar
Honduras Finca Cerro Azul ‐ Washed, Red Catuai
Guatemala El Limon ‐ Washed, Pacamara
Guatemala Finca La Soledad ‐ Cold Fermenta on Washed, Catuai